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Spectrum Services Inc. Is A NextEdge Company. Here's What's Going On At Our Sites Around The Country:

The next time you use your mobile device...Thank a tower climber. 

NextEdge builds turnkey solutions for intelligent infrastructure, enabling connected communities everywhere. 

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From dawn to dusk the NextEdge teams across the country see our world in a positive light.

Lucky people GET opportunities; Brave people CREATE opportunities; And Winners are those that CONVERT problems into opportunities.

We've built a culture that celebrates a winning attitude that benefits our clients and the communities we serve.

NextEdge builds turnkey solutions for intelligent infrastructure, enabling connected communities everywhere. 

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“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” – Colin Powell
At NextEdge we’re proud to put in the hard work as it brings the best out of  our people.  #wirelesstechnician #culturematters #smartcityinfrastructure #broadbandaccess #grit #hardworkanddedication
Building wireless networks in urban or rural environments requires careful planning, quality construction, and a repeatable process. 
NextEdge experienced teams deliver a quality product increasing connectivity coast to coast.

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Building great networks for communities starts with great process and great engineering.  Rob Alsua, manager of our Architecture & Engineering team at Spectrum, a NextEdge company, provides both.

Thanks, Rob, for making sure we build things right the first time. Every time.

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Spectrum has helped its clients develop thousands of wireless communications facilities throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah. Whether you’re building a new site or modifying an existing one, let Spectrum put its experience in leasing, zoning, design, permitting, and construction to work for you.

Technical Services

Spectrum provides a full range of technical services, from site design to installation, integration, and maintenance. We’ve become a regional leader with more than 25 years of providing these services to our clients. We take pride in providing the highest quality service.

Small Cells & DAS

As the communications industry has heightened its focus on small cells and distributed antenna systems, Spectrum has developed the skills to meet the unique challenges those projects present. Spectrum has been working on small cell and DAS deployments since their earliest days, designing and building them in large markets and iconic venues.


Spectrum is a general construction services company, from the initial meeting to the completed project. Spectrum Services, Inc. provides turnkey construction services for all clients in a quality and professional manner.

About Us

Founded in 1994, Spectrum Services, Inc. provides turnkey services including site acquisition, design, construction, optimization, and maintenance. Through our dedication to our clients and belief in our company ethos of providing prompt, uncompromising service, we have grown to become a regional leader in the development of wireless communication sites & infrastructure. Our focused approach has expanded our portfolio to include multiple public works, military, commercial development, and improvement projects. Our construction division also began as a means to bolster our service offerings and has since grown beyond that initial vision. Our outstanding construction team has successfully completed thousands of projects in the Southwest. We have consistently added value to every project we have been a part of by utilizing the latest in technology and constantly striving to improve our methods.

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